Benefits of Seeing a Human Growth Hormone Doctor West Palm Beach

As you may already know, everyone is different. Our bodies grow and age at different rates. Even siblings or relatives of the same age may have very different body sizes and heights because of varying growth rates. These differences occur naturally so they are considered normal. However, some people experience considerably slower growth than others especially in their childhood, teens and early adulthood. Slower growth is usually as a result of very low levels of Human Growth Hormone in the body.

Most people know HGH or Human Growth Hormone as a sports or athletics supplement. It is actually a very controversial performance booster that is banned in many global sports tournaments. However, away from its negative publicity in the competitive arena, HGH is a chemical that is naturally produced by the body, specifically in the pituitary gland. The main work of the growth hormone therapy oakland is to promote cell growth and regeneration, as well as helping to maintain healthy tissues in various organs and parts of the body. Human growth hormone therefore already exist in our bodies, but in varying quantities in different people of course.

People with low levels of HGH can experience a wide range of symptoms. Children, for instance, can experience symptoms such as very low height, slow development of teeth, delayed puberty, slow hair growth and many other. Symptoms of low HGH in adults may include anxiety, depression, low libido and sexual interest/performance, increased weight especially around the stomach and waist, sensitivity to temperature, insulin resistance, higher risk of cardiovascular illnesses, dry and thin skin, low concentration and poor memory, reduced muscle mass and strength among many others. All these are some of the harsh consequences of having low levels of growth hormone.

Anyone who thinks they have low levels of HGH can seek help from a professional growth hormone doctor in West Palm Beach. A specialized HGH doctor can to diagnose whether or not you have low levels of the growth hormone. The main benefit of seeing a specialized growth hormone doctor is that they are more equipped and qualified to identify signs and symptoms of HGH deficiency. General doctors and medical practitioners can also perform similar diagnosis but their ability to single out HGH deficiency in people is a bit limited.

If you are diagnosed to have a growth hormone deficiency, your specialized HGH doctor in West Palm Beach will come up with a proper treatment program that will help to bring the levels back up to an acceptable standard. Human growth hormone treatments are pretty straightforward and mostly involve the growth hormone being injected in large doses to promotes let's say muscle growth or weight loss. The growth hormone can also be administered in smaller doses to stimulate speedy recovery from an illness, to promote overall health and well-being and to slow the process of aging.

The human growth hormone indeed plays a huge role in how the body functions and develops over time. Low quantities of it can be detrimental to normal day-to-day functioning and also growth of an individual.